Denver puppy kayle rescued from animal abuse

In late October, a 12-week-old puppy named Kayle was brought into the Maxfund Animal Adoption Center in Denver in a horrible condition.

A broken back. Two broken hips. A ruptured lung.

Shelter manager Cheryl Stapleton, who has worked at the shelter for 18 months, had never seen a puppy come in looking like Kayle.

But through the work of MaxFund and an Englewood animal hospital, Kayle is on the road to recovery. And Denver Animal Protection has identified a suspect for alleged animal abuse.

When Kayle’s owners brought her in on Oct. 26, Stapleton said, the medical staff immediately identified the injuries as indicative of potential abuse and notified animal protection. Kayle, who was having a hard time breathing, was rushed to the emergency center, where doctors were able to stabilize her.

“She didn’t deserve this,” Stapleton said. “This is a special little girl that desperately needs help.”

One of the nurses who has cared for Kayle will be taking her home tonight as a foster dog, Stapelton said, where the puppy can recover until her next surgery.

Through her grit and perseverance, Kayle has captured the hearts of animals lovers throughout the city.

“There is, of course, a lot of anger that something like this could happen,” Stapleton said. “There’s also a lot of love and affection and get-well wishes.”

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